July 9, 2020

RAIN II (The show play entitled "RAIN" was actually an acronym which meant "Reinventing Anthology of Individual Narrative), another 3 magnificent plays by the Philippine Stagers Foundation last December 13, 2018 at the SM North Edsa Cinema 9 for the ACCESS Computer College Students. For the first play, Entitled; Juvy Lee’s Romance, is about the host of a love advice in a radio program, who is also fat, not-so-attractive girl. She got offered to be transferred in another program which can give her more popularity but others rejected her due to her not-so-attractive appeareance, even her handsome director (who is also secretly inlove with her) couldn’t help her. With that, the others opted for her rival, who gives a not-so-good advice but has a very attractive appearance. Her stepmother suddenly come to her aid as she is a dermatologist and surgeon to change her appearance so she can get the program. This play’s message is all about how inner beauty always surpasses outer beauty. The second play, Entitled; The Gallery, is about a young drug addict, handsome guy who also happened to answer a call from the owner of the gallery and is also an artist that needs a model, so she can add another painting to her collections. The play starts off slowly and then suddenly gets wilder and wilder as the young man and the owner of the Gallery gets more and more intakes of the drugs they both had, it gives him the illusion that the paintings are real and are moving. This play’s message was all about what illegal drugs harm you and your sense of reality. The third play, Entitled; “I Didith Show”, is about Didith, a very popular singer of her time, that has been hosting a TV show on air for the past decade. In the latest episode of the show, she had a special guest who is pretty and popular young singer, who also happens to be Didith’s fan. But when the show started, they both try to overtake each other, wanting the camera for themselves. At the end of the episode, Didith knew that she’s getting too old for the show, so she decided to bid farewell to the audience for supporting her, and thanking her gay personal assistant for his loyalty and unwavering support, and then she decided to pass on the show to the young girl. This play’s message was pretty much all about loyalty. Joris Montenegro, News Editor, ACCESS Manila.