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The country's recognized leader and pioneer in High-tech education since 1981, continues its mission to offer the most in-demand courses wherein graduates are most in-demand today. To keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology, without sacrificing thorough training. The curriculum is geared to a world class excellence. Effective Training is achieved through personalized method of teaching in small-sized classes, with actual laboratory exercises and extensive hands-on practice, aided by high-tech audio - video devices and supplemented by scheduled on-the-job training.


To educate its students by means of curriculum grounded on practical application and technological integration along side the philosophy of the total academic, co and extra curricular experiences. We strive to prepare competent graduates aimed at changing the nation through competency and values, fulfilling its duty to our faculty, employees, students and society as true educational institution.


To be the nation's premiere choice of school for tertiary level education and technical vocational training

General Goals

The goal of ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE is to teach the students new skills, refine the skills of those who want to progress, and help all our students find a satisfying employment in their desired industry.

ACCESS Core Values

ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE’ CORE VALUES reflects what is truly important to us as an educational institution. These are not values that change from time to time, situation-to-situation or person-to-person, but rather they are the underpinning of our college culture. These core values are the primary reasons for this feeling. By maintaining these core values we can preserve what has always been special about ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE. These core values are the soul of our college.

Accessibility We have an attitude of commitment in making our campuses, work as a pleasant educational environment inclusive and easy to use for all students in any walks of life. We also try to open all avenues for learning and use new trends and strategies to adjust on the learning needs of our students.

Compassion We give great importance to the students and to the community we work and live with. We volunteer time and resources to support the ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE Community through enriching programs and events.

Commitment We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Goals and the Culture of ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE. We are committed in providing 100% Quality Education to every student who is hungry for knowledge.

Excellence Anything less than our best is not acceptable at ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE. We understand that there is a distinct difference between good mistakes and bad mistakes.

Selflessness We are selfless to the needs of the students. We are here to serve the student body, solve their problems, communicate with them and satisfy all their needs. We believe that we should prioritize our learners.

Sincerity We are sincere in the delivery of education, to hone students of their talents and their potential. We are a TEAM. We listen carefully to each other and put ourselves in the shoes of others.


Our Institution

Promotes synergy and harmony in diversity. As a non-sectarian, co-ed institution, the school becomes a catalyst for complete academic exchanges and learning perspectives.

Our Curriculum

Is finely crafted by its dedicated faculty; Sharpening students to proficiency at their chosen courses, each curriculum is carefully designed to induce rigorous training supplemented by ingenious practical application through hands on experience turning each student a real expert.

Our Faculty

Are the most competent and seriously dedicated in the academic progress of its students. Mastery of the subject and technical expertise in conjunction with ingenious practical application scenarios continuously challenge its students into striving for proficiency and excellence in their chosen fields.

Our Students

Develop to their full potential. Completely supported by the school through its faculty and staff, the delivery of the total academic, co-curricular, and extra curricular activities make our students outshine all others by being proficient in their chosen fields and as a fully integrated professional capable of adapting to different real world scenarios.

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