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The country's recognized leader and pioneer in High-tech education since 1981, continues its mission to offer the most in-demand courses wherein graduates are most in-demand today. To keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology, without sacrificing thorough training. The curriculum is geared to a world class excellence. Effective Training is achieved through personalized method of teaching in small-sized classes, with actual laboratory exercises and extensive hands-on practice, aided by high-tech audio - video devices and supplemented by scheduled on-the-job training.


Access Computer College aspires to be the Philippine school leader in developing the wise, competent, moral, and loving industry practitioner through providing equitable access to innovative theory and practice based programs of study for the Filipino learner.

Core Values


or to always exercise good judgments based on acquired knowledge and skills


or to always perform things well


or to always choose what is proper, right, and good


to always be affectionate to oneself and to others, at home, in work, and in society

Promotes synergy and harmony in diversity. As a non-sectarian, co-ed institution, the school becomes a catalyst for complete academic exchanges and learning perspectives.

Is finely crafted by its dedicated faculty; Sharpening students to proficiency at their chosen courses, each curriculum is carefully designed to induce rigorous training supplemented by ingenious practical application through hands on experience turning each student a real expert.

Are the most competent and seriously dedicated in the academic progress of its students. Mastery of the subject and technical expertise in conjunction with ingenious practical application scenarios continuously challenge its students into striving for proficiency and excellence in their chosen fields.

Develop to their full potential. Completely supported by the school through its faculty and staff, the delivery of the total academic, co-curricular, and extra curricular activities make our students outshine all others by being proficient in their chosen fields and as a fully integrated professional capable of adapting to different real world scenarios.