How to apply as an incoming student?

Step #1

Visit our website

1. Visit our website at
2. In our website click ENROLLMENT at the navigation menu and look for APPLY ONLINE (for new students)
3. You will be redirected to our registration page.


Step #2

Profile Verification

1. Profile verification appears fill out the application for your profile and click continue
2. Read privacy policy of access computer college application
3. Select one of the check box, if your are a student or parent / guardian
4. Then click agree & continue.
5. A temporary account will be given to you, once you had finished your profile verification.
6. Kindly remember or screenshot the given temporary account before clicking continue the application.


Step #3

Personal Information

1.Fill out all your personal information specially those information marked with (red asterisk *)
2. Your documets and certifications will be uploaded here as your requirements for your enrollment.
3. Once finished attaching your files you may click upload and submit button.
4. Click save information button to update your accounts profile information.


Step #4

Log -in your temporary account

1. You may try to log-in your temporary account to check your accounts notification board.
2. You may also change your password for your convenience.
3. Remember always check your accounts,
4. Make sure you always log-out your account whenever you log it in.