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April 19, 2021


By: Rosalee Grace M. Macindo


When the usual pen and paper,

Turns into cell phone and computer;

And the usual reading, analyzing and writing,

Turns into typing, checking and sending.


Zoom is the new classroom,

Where you and your classmates gathered for your lessons,

You can attend classes anywhere and anytime you want,

Just make sure distractions are not rampant.


Being late in class is not an excuse anymore,

No more traffic and hassles on the road,

You’re in a class with just one click

Attending class more comfortably,

With even meals or drinks and a cup of coffee.


But online classes for some has never been easy,

Especially for those students

With slow and weak internet connection.


Online classes may be fun,

And may also be struggle for some,

But the most important thing – online or f2f,

It’s a way of pushing yourself closer to fulfilling your dreams.