March 24, 2021

Visit, Register, and Enroll at Access Computer College

Article type: Featured/Classified

Writer: Rosalee Grace M. Macindo

Course: BSBA

Year Level: 3rd Year

Are you thinking on where to go after graduation? Do you want to experience the new environment with the new modality? Do you like to continue your studies?

Here’s good news to all! At ACCESS Computer College like what most students said “sarap mag-aral dito” why? Students are treated like members of a big family. I experienced it myself as one of the scholars who happens to be given privileges and opportunities. I could say that soon when I shall be successful; my Alma Mater will always be a part of it.

Come and join us here at Access Computer and Technical College where your determination to acquire knowledge is a priority within reach. We are open to all Junior High School completers, Senior High School graduates, collegiate returnees, transferees, and for those working who want to study.

Visit our page and official website Register online for consultation. Be with our growing institution and become a part of our big family! - Official website of ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE
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