July 9, 2020

Access Computer and Technical Colleges celebrates the annual Sport Festival held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Students from different campuses gathered to be part of this event. Cheer dancers and dancers for Dance Sports readied themselves. Everyone feels nervous as their feet touch the floor of Araneta. It is a yearly battle of talents and skills. Students who have skills in dancing as well as in basketball are given the chance to show their capabilities. March 7, 2019 at 8 o’clock in the morning is the exact time for the opening of the event. As Filipinos who’ve practically embraced the Filipino time, students did not came at the exact time. There are number of late comers. The first group who performed was not given a large amount of audience which can be basically affect their performance as audience impact is one of the criteria of the overall winning result. Ten in the morning was when the chairs of coliseum was filled. Every student from different campuses are excited to watch their own campus to perform. They assured that their presence was not only to comply for grades but to support their fellow students and friends who happened to be there to perform. Everyone can’t wait to see newly creative choreography of cheer dance and dance sports, thunderous shout of basketball player’s name would be heard all overall the coliseum, Girls are cheering their idols. As basketball had started, students who belong in that branch are focus to watch the game while some students are busy using their phone, some are looking for the perfect spot, while others are taking photos and selfies. There are just really some students who can’t appreciate sports and technically got no interest in that field. But as the score of two teams get closer, all eyes are focused on the ball and who’s holding it. Everybody got conscious about the time, every second is important. Some students are standing because of the thrilled they felt, different noises were heard during that moment. For the players of basketball, everyone can sense nervousnes, and their eager to win. The other teams were trying their best to reach the score of their opponent. But as 5 seconds left, another thunderous shout was heard all overall the coliseum as they announce whose team won. Each player from basketball show their strength, perseverance, hard work and competitiveness to achieve victory. Students that serve as an audience also play an important role in their victory, the supports and effort of shouting would be a good source of motivation as well as the trust they invest to the team. All teams deserve to be awarded and to receive an applause for giving a nice and fair battle, their hard work during their practice has been paid off because of the warm support of their classmates and friends. But there is only one champion and that was from Recto Campus. After the game, cheer dancers hit the floor. The audience get along with the beat, the swift steps of dancers were terrific. The formation was captivating and really fun to watch. A lot of domino effects were shown, and really fascinating to look at. The unique choreography and formation made it all. The crowd shouts each campus’ name, singing along with the song. It was a very fun experience for everyone. During this moment you will not see anyone whose attention is not on the floor because everyone was focus, criticizing and giving comment to every performers. There’s a lot of side comment, some good and some bad, since everyone has their own standards. Each campus held its banner, where name was written. A lot of stuff wearing the color of their campus. Yellow is for Camarin, orange for Zabarte and so on. As the cheer dancers heat the floor audience can’t help but to cheer them, because of how good they are at dancing. And when all cheer dance teams performed, audience had started to think and gave thier own judgement on which team performed the best and deserve to win. Luckily, Cubao campus won as the Champion. During their performance all students admired them, no bad comments, everyone applaused, not just their own campus but all the campuses that’s why no wonder they won. Dance sports is the last among the performers and they dance simultaneously. Audience are confused where their eyes should lay on. Every dancer from dance sports wear their amazing, glimmering outfit that can really catch up everyone’s attention and can really standout from the crowd. Dance sports’ choreography has a bit daring moves, and whenever people see some strange steps that is far from unusual, the coliseum has shaken because of their thunderous shout as well as their laughers. Access Computer and Technical Colleges has a lot of students and that’s what the event revealed. Not just a student but a talented student and students who can also inspire others to showcase their talents they’re hiding within. SPORTSFEST that is annually celebrated is a great experience to everyone. -Alfred Tulon-an and Mary Rose Blasco