ACCESS Career Talk

July 9, 2020

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. Sometimes children will start to wonder what they want to be when they grow up. They will start to decide certain things that will help them in their future life. One of the factors that they need to consider is the school that will help them a lot in shaping their future. Schools are considered to be the second home of the students. Also, it serves as a training ground for children so that when the time comes, they will be mentally and physically prepared to face the real world. When it comes to quality and affordable education, Access Computer College fits the profile. On November 9, 2018, marketers recently did career talks to three different schools namely: Balara High School, Quezon City High School and Novaliches High School, led by Ma’am Crisanne Baclit, Sir Gary Sison and Sir Jherry Gatus together with its different groups including the IT group, security group, sound system group, administrators and newsbyte writer With the help of the Brgy. Captain of Pansol, Balara – Mr. Joseph P. Mahusay and their Executive Officer – Mr. Ricardo A. Suelo, they assisted us in giving the Junior High School and Senior High School students of Balara High School an encouraging talk emceed by Sir Manalo and Sir Tagab. The next school visited was Quezon City High School which was made possible by their school principal, Ms. Janet Dionio. The Junior High School students welcomed Access Computer College with laughters and excitements. They were very active and participative in every question the emcees gave. Lastly, they went to Novaliches High School for the last talk for the day with the help and coordination of their principal, Dr. Luis Tagayun. Each talk from each school was given a special performance by one of the Philippines’ known Rap Icon, Gloc 9. The purpose of this career talk is for the school to provide information on various opportunities in the work industry. Access Computer College aims to introduce students to the nature and scope of the work done and educate them on the skills necessary to perform specific jobs. The school is designed to be a training ground for the society’s future leaders. Helping them make their dreams and visions come to life by assisting them in choosing their right career paths. -Sherilyn General