Ilocos Tour

July 9, 2020

Ever since from the start until now, Access Computer College is one of the finest schools that never lacks out of educational tours because of its aim to educate beyond classrooms. Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur are always part of our tour because it possesses a beauty that every student desires to visit. Even in a survey, lot of students are excitedly yearned to go to this places. Aside from the wellknown places and beautiful sceneries, are foods and condiments which are in the town - the Sukang Iloko and the so called Longganisang Vigan. plus the Royal Bibingka. This March, an act was performed for all graduating students to travel at the said tour destinations - Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. In Access cubao2, it reached five batches due to the number of students who participated in this tour. And on the said date, March 18 to 21, the last batch of the tour; it was shown that many students had participated than those who did not join. Students did really enjoy their tour especially to the well-known places like Bantay Bell Tower which is located in Ilocos Sur. Bantay Church is also known as St. Agustines church, the place is also famous as the Shrine of Our Lady of Patroness. And it is the oldest church in the entire region of Ilocos. Balwarte ni Chavit, located at Vigan Ilocos Sur, an interactive wildlife sanctuary and facility with the view of its fascinating trees and green at the heart of Vigan Ilocos Sur. There are so many things one can do specially interacting with animals. Hidden Garden also located at Vigan Ilocos Sur, a place where there are plants and clay pots which they called Burnay Jars. There is also a restaurant which you can relax because of its beautiful facade. Paoay Church located in Paoay, Ilocos Norte is one of the famous tourist destinations and a world’s heritage site. Malacanang of the North, during the Marcos Era was built with retreat houses which serve as their residence. The Wind Mills of Bangui; if there is one that is synonymous seen in Kapurpurawan is no other than the iconic windmills. Kapurpuwaran Rock formation is also located in Ilocos Norte. It is an art of nature featuring a landscape of smooth ivory limestone. In just about 1.5 kilometers away from Laoag City a rock formation by the beach like a surface sculpted by nature. Aside from the beauty of the scenery of the so called northern region, one thing that the students are very excited of was the celebration of their grad ball. A night of joyous moments for students because each and every one of them has the chance to show their talents and their alluring night gowns for them to be beautifully dressed. This event gave an opportunity to the students to showcase their talents and skills and how they had managed to be confidently beautiful. There were competitions for the Face of the Night, Dress of the Night, and The King and Queen of the Night. The students were also given the chance to swim for some refreshing feeling in the pool where they all had checked-in. Learning outside the school is one of the best ways to explore greater things beyond the comfort zone. It exhibits the environment and history of our country by exploring its treasures. ACCESS Computer and Technical Colleges holds a big achievements on sending educational tour to the 4th year students like me by enriching my knowledge to some historical and meaningful places in our country. Not only this year but every year. Our school had again proved that we are not just for classroom learning but also beyond the four corners of the room. With the help of our professors and tour guides, we managed a safe and successful tour. Julienne Lois Narcelles, ACCESS Cubao